How to Jump Start a Car

How to Jump Start a Car

There’s no better place to get exemplary Mitsubishi service in the Williamsville area than Basil Mitsubishi. Our sole priority is to provide you with the service tips and information you need to keep your car, truck, or SUV running smoothly on Clarence roads for years to come. One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is “what is the proper way to jump-start a car?” 


Eliminate your anxiety and avoid blowing unnecessary money on jump-start car services! Find out how to properly jump-start a car with the experts below! Then, reach out to us online to set up a time to visit our Buffalo Service Center if you need further automotive assistance! 

What’s the Proper Way to Jump Start a Car?

Car won’t jump-start? Calling a jump-start car service near Amherst is always an option. However, it’s a better idea to jump-start your car battery on your own, as the process isn’t overly complicated. You’ll just need another person, another vehicle, and a set of jumper cables. We’ve broken down how to properly jump-start a car for your convenience, so you just have to follow along:

  1. Park Vehicles Next to Each Other: Face the two vehicles with the batteries facing each other. Most vehicles have batteries in the engines, meaning they’ll usually face hood-hood. Some foreign cars, though, have the battery in the trunk. After you’ve parked the vehicles, turn them off and set the parking brakes.
  2. Locate the Batteries: Gain access to the batteries. Note: you may need to remove a plastic hood to expose the battery terminals.
  3. Locate the Battery Terminals: Find the positive and negative battery terminals. Make sure they are clean and free of any corrosion or dirt.
  4. Connect Red Clamp to Dead Positive Post: Take stock of your cables and separate the red ends from the black ends. You don’t want them to touch, ever, as they could spark. Next, connect the red clamp to the positive post on the dead battery.
  5. Connect Red Clamp to Charged Positive Post: Uncoiling the battery cable, hook the other red clamp to the positive terminal of the battery with the charge.
  6. Connect Black Clamp to Charged Negative Post: Connect the black clamp to the negative post on the good battery. 
  7. Connect Black Clamp to Car’s Frame: Connect the last black clamp to a grounded, unpainted metal surface on your car’s frame.
  8. Start the Engine: Once everything is hooked up securely, start the engine of the vehicle with a good battery. You may try to start the engine right away, but it’s probably a good idea to let the car with the good battery run for a bit, then try starting the engine of the other vehicle. 
  9. Remove Jumper Cables: Once the dead vehicle has been successfully jump-started, carefully remove the jumper cables in the reverse order that they were placed on, and keep the other vehicle running.
  10. Keep the Engine Running: Be sure to keep the engine running on the restarted vehicle for at least 10 minutes to ensure that the weak battery doesn’t die again right away. Consult your owner’s manual for more info on recommended times. It’s also recommended that you get your battery tested and/or replaced ASAP.

Get Car Battery Jump Start Assistance at Basil Mitsubishi

Now that you know how to jump start a car, you’re that much more prepared to deal with the freezing temperatures of Cheektowaga. However, our certified technicians are always available to provide you with further automobile maintenance if you need it! Just schedule a service appointment online to find a good time for you to come to visit us!


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