A look at the Chevy Bolt

June 2nd, 2018 by

Summer is just around the corner which means gas prices are gonna rise a bit as well, but you can stop worrying about that by buying an electric car. The problem with an electric vehicle (EV), is that you need a car that can get you from point A to point B without dying halfway there. This is known as range anxiety. So, how can we solve this? Well Chevrolet came out with a new model vehicle called the Bolt which is their own electric car with a range that will make you feel confident that you can make it to your destination and back without a problem.

The Chevrolet Bolt provides up to 238 miles per charge. Some have even speculated that without using any other equipment such as A/C or radio, you could get up to 300+ miles. That falls well within competitive range with other EVs on the market. Coming in at $29,995 (after the federal tax incentive for the base model) it makes living eco friendly and gas free easy on your wallet.

Not only that, but the Chevrolet Bolt is still one of the best options when comparing to other manufacturers. The Nissan Leaf is cheaper coming in at $22,490 after federal incentives, but has 100+ miles less range. Ford’s Focus Electric is a couple hundred dollars less, but also has 100+ miles less range.

Bottom line is that if you are looking to save on gas, be eco friendly, and need a good option for your income, don’t wait any longer for that special electric car that can do it all. Instead, look no further than the Chevrolet Bolt which does more miles for less money.

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